May 2, 2013

Hutchings and Sharp Interior: Part 1

After documenting the exterior of the Hutchinson Block earlier this year, it was only a matter of time before I'd find a way to see the interior - and what an interior it is! Like a blast from the past, the remnants of Hutchings and Sharp (a western clothing and apparel store) are still very apparent here. Vintage western suits, branded signs, and even Charlie the horse, who was wheeled out to the sidewalk each business day, are still there. The horse was the only thing I really remembered about this place as a kid, so it was cool to walk in and see that he was still hanging out at the back of the store.

The only major change to speak of is that there are a ton of wedding dresses being stored at the front of the building, but otherwise it's kind of eerie how much is still here. The basement is full of old tools, cash registers, signs, and antiques. It's almost like you could open a museum with some of the stuff down there. I was told that if the space is sold or rented, a bunch of this stuff will be donated to the Esplanade. I had a blast exploring the space, and no question, this place felt very stereotypically Albertan.  

UPDATE: This building has since been renovated. New pictures here.

hutchings and sharp hutchinson block medicine hat

Charlie the horse.

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scottynate said...

Awesome Photos! Brought back some old memories from my child hood. Keep up the good work.