Oct 19, 2012

Last Days of Autumn

With the warm weather stretching into mid-October, our fall this year has lasted longer than usual and a lot of the trees are still holding their golden leaves.  It makes a lot of the neighbourhoods look more on theme as far as Halloween movies are usually concerned, because it's not unusual that our trees are bare by this point and we're shoveling snow. Maybe it's just me, but a lot of the nice old homes around here are starting to remind me of Monster House.  

I've been playing with a lot of new filters lately, and these pictures of autumn around Medicine Hat were some of my first experiments.  Mostly I've added textures to my shots to play up the rustic side of the season.  I even got some nice pictures of the clay district from Scholten Hill, as well as wider shots of some of the other areas I've photographed for my series this year.    

If anything, the changing weather is further motivation to shoot as much as I can while the temperature allows it.  It hurts my head to think about where the time has gone, but there's really not all that much left of 2012.  Soak it up while you can. 

A shot looking down to the train station.

Downtown with the Assiniboia Inn in the background.

The flats with Medalta Potteries on the right.

From Scholten Hill with the Brick & Tile plant on the bottom left.

In the distance you can see the bend in the river around Police Point Park.

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