Oct 6, 2012

Auto Collection at Imperial Palace: Part 1

Located on the top floor of the parking garage at the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas, the auto collection on display is absolutely incredible.  It's no secret what an avid car fan I am, especially when it comes to my Jaguar, and the 125,000 square ft. showroom full of classic cars was pure eye candy.  It's part museum, part dealership, and if you're wealthy enough or hit the jackpot in the casino you can actually purchase a lot of these cars.  

Among the collection were three Jaguars that I really wanted to see up close, including an E-Type, an XK-120, and the extremely rare XJ220 of which less than 300 were ever made between 1992-1994.  In addition to this, I was just excited to see so many beautiful cars that spanned so many different decades, styles, and manufacturers all under one roof.  

Specifically speaking, I have never seen so many Rolls Royces from so many different periods in one place.  It almost made them seem common place because there were so many - almost.  As you'd expect, I killed a few hours here and shot tons of pictures. The cherry on top of it all was that with this printed voucher, admission was free.  Look forward to a lot more incredible classic cars in the coming weeks as I share more highlights in this 4 part photo set from the Imperial Palace auto collection.

The famed Jaguar XJ220 on display.  It cost over $650,000 brand new.

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