Oct 23, 2012

Late Nights in Vegas

In the end, it's the late nights on the strip that make Las Vegas as addicting as it is. Everywhere you look there's something going on.  From the free shows like the Sirens of Treasure Island, the Bellagio Fountains, or the Mirage Volcano, to the massive hotels and casinos themselves, there's a party every night on this giant street and a million different ways to enjoy it.

Mike, Erin, and I had some nice dinners, enjoyed over-sized margaritas in novelty cups, and hit up the strip each night ready to be wowed.  Mike and Erin had a blast doing a club tour one night, while I kicked back at the tables and had an awesome time schmoozing with other wannabe millionaires.  In the meantime, I was always capturing a bit of video here and there or snapping a few pictures.  

Relatively speaking there were no early nights.  In fact it was my last night there that ended up being my latest when during the wee hours of the morning Mike and I got in a bit of gambling with a few beers in hand of course.  I could have stayed another week.  

I love Las Vegas and it's specifically because it's so geared towards doing whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it.  One night I ran down to grab a snack around 3am, and even then I felt like I could probably wander off and have an amazing time. I'm still keen to make that larger group trip happen, but then maybe that's what my 6th visit will be? The party in this familiar place only seems to be getting bigger.   

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