Oct 11, 2012

Blue Man Group at the Venetian

Having been to Las Vegas a number of times before, I was keen to play it by ear when it came to seeing any shows this time around.  I've seen the Beatles Love Cirque show twice, and so wasn't too concerned with having to see another Cirque performance (which everyone should do at least once in Vegas) this time around either.  What Mike, Erin, and I decided to do was hit up one of those last minute ticket booths that line the strip to see what was available that night.  

Obviously, we ended up seeing the Blue Man Group at the Venetian, which was cool because we actually saw their show on the tail end of their run there.  They're now moving to the Monte Carlo this month, which makes some of the Blue Man Group Venetian swag that I bought seem a bit more significant.

The show was incredible (and surprisingly hilarious)!  It's a mix of multimedia, music, gags, and spectacle.  It's also one of those shows, like Cirque, that you can't fully appreciate without seeing it in a venue that was designed specifically for it.  The paint flinging, the neon tubes, the giant screens, etc. are tough to replicate in the same precise way that they are in Vegas.  This was actually something I heard a lot when the group came to Medicine Hat earlier this year.

It was a lot of fun, and kind of cool to do something like that on the spur of the moment too.  For a guy whose appreciation of the Blue Man Group has come mostly from Arrested Development, I was really impressed.  Now I totally get what Tobias Funke was on about, because "I just blue myself".

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