Oct 12, 2012

A Night in Old Vegas

Having just visited the Mob Museum that afternoon, the sun was just going down as we hit Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas for the night.  Mike, Erin, and I did quite a bit of wandering, checked out all of the various performers along the plaza, and had a nice dinner at the Tony Roma's inside the Fremont Casino.  The ribs I had were ridiculously good, although you'd have to be a bigger guy than me to finish them.

What I love about Fremont Street is that despite the upgrades and spectacle of it all, it still feels a bit rough around the edges.  The casinos are smaller, the entertainment and performers are a bit sketchier, and just a block away you feel like you've left the tourist zone.  That's not to say it isn't a lot of fun, because it is.  It actually seems more genuine to some of the traditional stereotypes of Vegas in fact.   

Between the souvenir shopping, the countless neon signs, a few drinks at Benny's Bullpen, and catching the Fremont Street Experience (see highlights in my video below), you could say that the trip was catching up to us by this point.  It was a great time, but after a big meal, a few beers, and all of the activity, we didn't stay out much later than midnight.  A week in Vegas is amazing, so much so, that 'not much later than midnight' becomes an early evening. 

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