Oct 18, 2012

Afternoons on the Vegas Strip

Despite the crazy heat during the afternoons, we killed a ton of time on our Vegas trip just wandering around and enjoying the scene along the strip.  I don't think I left my room at Vdara earlier than noon on any day of my vacation, but our central location had us checking out the Bellagio, Paris, and Planet Hollywood fairly frequently.  We also spent quite a bit of time enjoying the southern end of the strip on our walk to the Luxor, and I snapped a lot of pictures of the plaza out front of the Venetian on the afternoon that we got our tickets for the Blue Man Group

As I'd hoped, we left the mornings for sleeping in, spent the afternoons casually exploring, and saved the evenings for more lively outings.  The drinking and gambling was never out of control, but I'd say I was fairly consistent at finding time for it when the opportunity arose.  The following shots, more or less, are just a showcase of our afternoon downtime between attractions.      

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