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Oct 29, 2012

A Week in Las Vegas (2012)

As promised, I took a week's worth of fun and stretched it into a scattering of blog post highlights throughout this month.  It was actually really enjoyable to be able to explore everything I'd done with my friends Mike and Erin again, and be able to share so much through the pictures and video I shot.  There really is no place quite like Las Vegas.

Our trip during the last week of September was unlike any of my other Vegas trips in that I feel like I went out of my way to do more exploring this time around.  The five star suite at the Vdara didn't hurt to upgrade my experience either.  While the locations felt familiar, the attractions seemed new.  Just seeing things from different perspectives and getting to enjoy Vegas with two friends who hadn't been before, kept everything on the trip exciting and fresh.  It was a week that I doubt any of us will soon forget, although with so many pictures I'd like to see any of us try.

To explore the highlights, photo sets, and stories behind some of my favorite moments from our time in Las Vegas, simply click the images below for the complete posts.