Aug 4, 2012

Whitewater Rafting in Kananaskis

That would be me on the front left side of the raft in the picture below.  In fact, the first five people in the front of the raft are my family as we made our way down the Kananaskis River last weekend.  This picture especially seems to capture just how lively our little weekend getaway ended up being.

After a trail ride on horseback that morning, we rounded out the Saddle & Paddle package by white water rafting with Inside Out Experience.  For the most part the water was pretty manageable, but there were still some really fun rapids and we definitely got soaked.  The freezing cold water seemed to produce just as much adrenaline as the rapids actually did.  The scenery around Kananaskis was as beautiful as ever and the weather was great.

The parallels to our family getaway last year seemed apparent to all of us.  In 2011 we took a jet boat up the South Saskatchewan River on a cold and rainy day that left us freezing, despite planning for a hot day.  This year we took a raft down the Kananaskis on what did end up being a hot summer day, but by the very nature of the activity ended up freezing anyway.  This time I didn't mind.    

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