Aug 16, 2012

Fandrix Portfolio 3.0

It kicked off late in 2009, but fizzled out by the end of 2010.  Then it was back by late 2011, but still it wasn't quite right.  Halfway through 2012 though, I think I've got it!  My portfolio, version 3.0 is complete.  These few years of trying to fine-tune what I wanted my portfolio site to be has really been a process of elimination.

I was always preaching simplicity for my portfolio, but I'd never really achieved it.  A clean start always seemed to snowball into additional pages for new projects, galleries, and so on and so forth.  My new business cards that I made for the new year were cool and straightforward, but my portfolio had quickly become a mass of self indulgence that held too much content to be a hub.  Frankly, that's what this blog is for!

I completed the redesign over my staycation and I'm really pleased. now consists only of a landing page and a network page that links to everything else. Simple, clean, easy to navigate, and ideal for self promotion when someone actually visits.  It's what I should have done from the beginning.  It's also what I'd been trying to do for so long with Editing Luke that I think I probably needed all of the trial and error to figure out what should finally be what.

Looking at my stats, traffic has gone up consistently every month so far this year, and my contact page has been getting a lot more use.  It was the right time to finally address this constantly under-construction project.  I also discovered that after not renewing in favor of, that original domain is now for sale for $1495.  Type it in if you don't believe me.  It's ridiculous! Ridiculously flattering.  

But, enough of my long windedness, it's time you check out what I've been talking about and head over to Fandrix before I realize I need to start on version 4.0.

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