Aug 20, 2012

Star Wars Micro Machines

Of all the toys I ever had, Micro Machines were by far my biggest collection.  Between cars, military micros, and Star Wars, I had hundreds and hundreds of characters, vehicles, and bases.  I was a bit addicted, but my friends also shared this addiction which made it completely acceptable.

I actually didn't go nuts for Star Wars toys.  I didn't collect action figures, or other sets, it was all about the micros.  Something about the scale I guess, it just made acting out epic battles easier.  You could hold the cast of the entire film in your hand after all.  

Looking back at them now, it's easy to get lost in all of the variations and details in the different characters.  They're the one set of toys that I've kept organized and safely stored away.  I even kept the original boxes for the bases, which was more about keeping the pieces together at the time than it was about thinking they'd ever be worth anything.  Speaking of which, they're not really worth much.  Monetarily that is.

They were never bought as collectibles though.  My Micro Machines were bought to be played with and they were.  A lot.  I don't plan on ever getting rid of them, and maybe one day I'll pass them on to my kids (should I ever cross that path).  One of the nice things is how little space they take up.  In any case, they continue to be a pleasant reminder of lost afternoons, spent allowances, and a kid who had no shame about geeking out every once and a while. 

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Gary said...

You have no idea how happy this post makes me. I spent all my childhood buying these, getting them as gifts, I sure put my parents through the ringer when it came to hunting down that Royal Guard set, and then when the Death Star came out, oh boy that was the best birthday ever!

Thank you for this post! It brought back many memories and I still have the majority of my figures. Every now and then I gotta fight the urge to not spend on EBay hunting down more pieces. LOL