Aug 21, 2012

Rosedale Suspension Bridge

Just east of Drumheller, spanning the Red Deer River, sits the 117 meter long Rosedale Suspension Bridge (also known as the Star Mine Suspension Bridge).  What makes this landmark special is that it's an open grated bridge that you can see through.  It also sways and bounces as you walk, making it a memorable crossing.   

Located at the site of the now abandoned and largely demolished Star Mine, the bridge was originally used by the coal miners who worked on the other side of the river.  After the mine closed in 1957, the Alberta Government decided to rebuild the bridge as a monument to the mining history within the Drumheller Valley.  As precarious as it may sound, the bridge is very well maintained and completely safe.  It's also free, and doesn't take long to explore.

Across the bridge, I climbed the hills to get a better vantage of the structure as Andrea snapped some pictures of me.  The view was pretty good, but the climb was even better. We probably only spent a half hour there, but it proved to be a brilliant detour.      

Original Star Mine and bridge.

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