Aug 11, 2012

Summer Afternoon Reunion

Although it's become more difficult for all of the family to gather on a regular basis, on our way back from our trip to Canmore a couple of weeks ago we stopped in Calgary for a brief afternoon reunion.  The meet-up was more meaningful than we realized at the time as my grandma has just been accepted into a nursing home and will be moving out next week. It's an emotional transition.  

It's crazy how quickly things seem to change, and how my own perception of the family has evolved so quickly in just a few short years.  Mostly it just feels like things have become more complex because I'm more aware of what everyone has going on.  It's not as simple as it used to seem.  I'm thankful everyone still makes the effort though.  For me, that Sunday afternoon with the extended family was long overdue. 


Leslie said...

So fantastic Luke! Thanks for the great pictures and for the amazing video! It was a great afternoon and I'm sure because of the changes to come, not one we will soon forget. xo

Editing Luke said...

Thanks, Leslie. I agree, it was really nice for everyone to be there.