Aug 10, 2012

Week Long Staycation

Despite the week off from work there wasn't really an abundance of down time like I had convinced myself there would be.  The problem with taking a staycation is that you realize there are a ton of things that you've been putting off and should probably get done. Sleeping in (although amazing) only emphasizes this by making the days shorter and turning most mornings into a complete write-off.

I did manage to clean up my kitchen cabinets, DVD collection, and wardrobe to free up some space. Not very pressing activities, but things that I had on a to-do list since the beginning of the year.  I spent an afternoon giving my store room and car a thorough cleaning as well, however both of these activities seemed to spur more side projects.  In between this I got in some editing, a couple of small trips to Drumheller and Red Rock Coulee with my friend Andrea, went out for a few dinners, and spent an evening on skype catching up with Tyler.     

I can't complain about a week off, but I suppose in actuality I want a pause button more than time away.  In my mind I had pictured myself doing a lot of nothing.  Literally nothing.  It's tough to justify laziness when you take a week to hangout in the same place where all of your projects are though.  It's not really a holiday then, the wasted time just becomes a more formal kind of procrastination. It's almost like not needing to work for a living would somehow be better (read with extreme sarcasm).      

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