May 31, 2012

5 Years of Editing Luke

I can say with certainty that there are few creative ventures in my life that I've been as dedicated to, that have provided such consistent motivation, and that have made me reflect on my choices as regularly as the site you're currently viewing.  After reaching 1000 posts earlier this year I couldn't help but take time to reflect on just what that meant.  Now here I am thinking about it again, wondering how 5 years of my life have translated into a series of images, words, videos, and expressions.

After one year of writing this blog (in 2008) it had been viewed a mere 15,854 times and my video views had just surpassed 50,000.  That was huge, and it was (and still is) pretty flattering when you consider that one of my favorite topics to write about is myself. It wasn't even the numbers that had me hooked though, it was the feeling that I was writing to an anonymous audience that was somehow keeping me accountable to the things I said I wanted to achieve.  In film school at the time, I was just on the cusp of transitioning into the real world, completely blind about what my options were and in some ways, what I even wanted.

Five years into constructing Editing Luke, and while the motivations have evolved, the sense of accountability and goal of fostering my creativity have made the project even more engrossing than when it began. Now on the cusp of 180,000 hits and over 1.2 million video views, I feel there's something to be said for nurturing a passion and finding new ways to connect with people who share it.

I suppose I had big goals for this site when I started out, but I think I neglected to realize how substantial it would influence my view of time. A year doesn't go by without a recap now. I don't go a month without sharing something I've created, shot, or edited. The upkeep of this project has resulted in a personal obligation to live by my words, to dream out-loud, and to build some form of context while doing so. Frankly, five years into the game, that's kind of amazing to look back on.

Who knows what the future holds or how long this will continue, but I will say that for what this site began as and the goals that it was meant to help me achieve, it's been a success, a joy, and even a comfort. To twist Eleanor Roosevelt's famous quote to "do something everyday that scares you", I'd instead like to suggest doing something everyday that inspires you. In the end, the sentiment may be similar, but inspiration seems to resonate with others more than your own fear does.

Stats After 5 Years - 1080 Blog Posts - 178,148 Blog Views - 1.21 Million Video Views 

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Wendy said...

Congrats on 5 years! Here's to five more! *HIGH FIVE*