May 26, 2012

Abandoned at Hycroft

Having previously visited and photographed the Hycroft China Factory, I wanted to return to capture more of the details.  Specifically, I wanted to showcase the abandonment that currently looms over the site and focus on the array of textures present.  Rusting metal, broken slip casts, discarded shingles, shattered bricks, rotting wood, chained fences, and overgrown weeds create a visual and diverse playground. 

I also feel like there's a sense of urgency behind documenting the location.  There are already plans (albeit slowly in motion) to restore/preserve the factory and turn it into another museum, much like what has already been done with Medalta (or at least utlize the space in some capacity). In fact, since I shot my original photos of the site, most of the smashed windows have been boarded up to protect the contents inside and a lot of the loose debris has been piled up. There's clearly a long way to go, but I figure these pictures could become even more defining once the area has been restored. Here's hoping it happens.

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