May 29, 2012

Summer Walk

Sometimes I find myself in a weird funk as a result of putting in too many extra hours, not getting out enough, or finding myself stuck in a routine.  As of late I feel like it's a bit of everything.  I can't say that I've found any easy cure all, but sometimes a good walk is a great way to clear your head.  Last night I did just that, grabbing myself a Slurpee along the way, and tried to get my mind focused elsewhere.  Sometimes I really have to force myself to feel inspired or motivated, but it sure beats settling for apathy.


Wendy said...

Nothing beats going for a walk! Darwin and I go for a walk pretty much every day at home. It's great to get out in the fresh air and clear your head. Maybe we could all go for a walk when you come visit!

Editing Luke said...

I'd like that, Wendy. I feel like I'm going to try and get in a lot when I visit Regina to make the most of what might be the last visit for a while.