May 5, 2012

Citadel Building in Medicine Hat

Of the photo sets that I've been shooting for my Around the Hat series, including the Citadel building was an easy choice as it's where Stream Media, one of the companies that I edit for, is located.  The building was constructed in 1913 for the Salvation Army and replaced a wooden structure originally on the site.  Years later the building was remodeled, and eventually sold in 1983 when the Salvation Army relocated to a new building.  The Citadel has since housed offices.

For me this location is special because of the time I spent here after moving home to Medicine Hat from university.  Stream was my first job out of school in 2008, and I continue to work contract for them now.  I think the understated charm of the building suits the production company well.  You can also see that I parked my Jaguar next to the Stream graffiti that we used to open the promo reel I edited for them last year.  

Citadel Building ca. 1986

Salvation Army Citadel ca. 1970s

Citadel Building with St. Barnabas church next door.

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