May 9, 2012

Evolution of Editing Luke (2011-2012)

Welcome to the third installment of the Evolution of Editing Luke, where at a glance you can be reminded of some of the headers that have graced my site over the last year.  As I've said in each of these posts, my goal has always been to refine and experiment with the look of my site as a way of keeping things fresh.  They're not all gems, but then that's what keeps the evolution interesting.  

A lot of my headers became more simplified this year and that actually had a lot to do with my content becoming more visual (lots of photo sets).  I've still been playing with different ways of including my image in my headers as it's allowed me to become more a part of my brand, and in theme with everything I share, it's all a work in progress. Otherwise, this is really just a stroll down memory lane for those who have been along for the ride.  Check out how things have evolved since the 2007 and 2009 recaps.    

From March 2011


Wendy said...

I remember all of these! I love that you change your header so often.

Editing Luke said...

It is a habit :) I think it continues to give things a different feel though, so it's kind of addicting to keep updating it.