May 1, 2012

Beatles Cartoon Action Figures

Having long been a fan of the Beatles (I mean who isn't?) I was excited to kick off this new collection when I  received the John Lennon cartoon figurine as a birthday gift from my friend Andrea in 2005.  Over the next year I slowly picked up each of the remaining Beatles, with Ringo and his drum set proving to be the most difficult one to come across in stores.  Since then I've always kept these McFarlane figurines proudly displayed.

It's not hard to find heaps of merchandise with the Beatles logo slapped on it, so I actually find it to be kind of a turn off to collect a lot of it.  These are really something special though, and the likenesses of John, Paul, George, and Ringo are really well done.  Even their instruments are accurate, like Paul's Hofner bass, which is also the instrument that came with the deluxe edition of Beatles Rockband.   

Some will have purchased these and kept them sealed in their original packaging, but I wasn't looking to make an investment.  I just think these are a cool bit of Beatles kitsch, and as they've become a bit more rare now, I thought it would be fun to shoot some photos of them to share. Each character was sold separately, but their individual bases make a stage when placed together.  How could you just have one after that?  Check out the Beatles Saturday morning cartoon that inspired these figurines here.

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Jason Whiton said...

very cool images of this set- nice work!
-jason (spy vibe)