Apr 14, 2012

WW2 Sherman Tank Memorial

One of the most recognizable tanks in history is the M4 Sherman, which served as the primary tank for the Western Allied Forces in the Second World War. Over 50,000 units were produced with numerous variations up into the 1950s, and even today it's still an impressive looking machine. This monument is in Medicine Hat, Alberta.  

Found in Riverside Park this tank was donated by the South Alberta Light Horse in 1967. As the plaque on the tank acknowledges, it serves as a memorial for those who served in WW2 and those who used this machine. 

This tank has been a permanent fixture in Riverside all of my life, and I'm sure many others share similar memories of climbing all over it as a kid. The tank and vintage trains, not to mention the park itself, have long been notable attractions for anyone visiting the downtown core. I may not have understood the significance as a child, but as an adult I'm glad that this Sherman Tank memorial exists and still serves as a proud example of our communities small role in a profound history. 

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