Apr 24, 2012

Streamlining and the Video Business

As of late I've been cleaning house (so to speak).  I've been reorganizing my blog, creating photo sets on a new flickr account, rebuilding my reel, and casually working out ways of adding more punch to my portfolio site.  All of this personal rebuffing may seem a bit indulgent, but I feel like it's already helping me expand in new ways.

Recently my Around the Hat photo series has helped me get a bit of local traction. When I kicked off the series with a set around Medalta Potteries, they were kind enough to give me a shout out on their facebook page.  More in line with what I had been hoping the series might do, it actually gained me a new contact with prospects for future video/photography work.  Work hasn't been in short supply these days either.  

Last week I had to turn down a New York production company who contacted me to shoot some behind the scenes footage and photography of an event for Glenfiddich Whiskey in Calgary.  It was a two day shoot and I just couldn't make it work with my schedule. Although, just getting the offer was pretty flattering considering that it came directly through my portfolio.

I feel like I'm at an interesting point in my career.  I'm on the hunt for new challenges, and ways to reinvent or diversify my approach to the kinds of videos I'm already doing. While making more money is always nice, I think what I'm really striving for is even more freedom in my schedule and maintaining the variety in the projects that I undertake.  Making some of these things a reality is going to require that I cast a bigger net, and I think that's what I've started to do.    


Wendy said...

This is all really great to hear, Luke! When you get to a point that you're able to turn down work, you know you're awesome!

Editing Luke said...

Thanks, Wendy. I hope the trend continues :)