Apr 2, 2012

Urban Photography 2

As a long overdue follow-up to my first urban photography post, I found a few more of the original images that I shot on film during the summer of 2003.  This is a brief sampling of shots taken between Medicine Hat and Calgary, Alberta.


John L. said...

I wish my first sets looked this awesome. Did you use any filters on those images that have slightly shifted colors or was it just expired film/slide? I stumbled upon Urban photography of a different kind, the Enrich guy has some mind blowing ideas, right?

Editing Luke said...

Thanks for the comment, John. I did play with filters to tint some of my images. I also shot a lot between color and black and white film. Back then when I was just getting into it, it really was just about experimenting. I love the link you shared too, that's really cool!