Apr 23, 2012

A Roadster and a Motorbike

I was walking around North Railway street, one of my favorite parts of town, and was snapping shots of the old train station. Just around the corner I stumbled onto this old roadster and motorbike, both in pretty rough shape. They're actually fairly symbolic of the neighbourhood. There's so much character on this side of the tracks, but nothing really seems that polished.

North Railway is full of old brick buildings that used to serve the railway, including warehouses and hotels like the Cecil. Nowadays it's a mix of bars, antique shops, and a few restaurants. The backdrop is still really photogenic in my opinion. Right after I bought my Jaguar I came down here to take pictures of it

On this visit I snapped quite a few pictures out of curiosity because I couldn't figure out what kind of car this roadster was. It kind of looks a bit like a Triumph Spitfire or a Fiat Spider, but I'm really not sure. There were no badges or markings to go off of, and the tail lights kind of threw me when making comparisons. Any guesses? 

Cecil Hotel ca. 1920s


Paulie said...

Really cool pics. The roadster looks alot like a Sunbeam Alpine or Tiger. The Tiger was the rarer of the 2 models as it had a 260CID Ford V8 wedged into that little car.

Editing Luke said...

Thanks, Paulie! I think you got it! I had a feeling it was something British, but I wasn't even sure where to start.