Apr 26, 2012

Mr. Little's Noisy Car

As a kid, reading was a fairly common activity in our house.  Mom and Dad would take us to the library every few Sundays and we'd pick out books to read together.  Of course, before I was actually old enough to pick out books for myself, we did have a collection of books that I tended to gravitate towards.  My favorites included Richard Scarry's picture books, The Speedy Little Taxi, and Mr. Little's Noisy Car by Richard Fowler.

If my Jeeves and the Jaguar site or some of the very first video footage of myself hasn't proven it, my affection for cars has pretty much always been there.  It's what makes this clip even more special in a way.  I've held onto this cassette tape of my childhood recordings since I was a teenager, but until now haven't ever really shared any of it.  

I found the original Mr. Little's Noisy Car book at my parent's place and thought it would be cool to sync up the recording I have from 1986 of me reading through that book with my parents 
(when I was 2 years old), with me flipping through it now.  Seeing as I couldn't read much yet, you can tell how many times we'd looked at the book before as I know all the parts by heart.  The book also has a bunch of flaps to open, which made it that much more fun to go through as a kid.

Without further ado, here's a little bit of my childhood.

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