Apr 21, 2012

Hanging Out on Fremont Street

There's something both epic and unapologetically sketchy about Las Vegas, and downtown seems to reflect this notion best.  Fremont Street is home to the Fremont Street Experience, a giant LED light show overhead that bathes the pedestrian street in neon.  The shows are constantly changing and generally consist of a few choice songs mixed with replicated imagery, psychedelic patterns, and various nods to pop culture.  As far as free entertainment goes, Fremont does it very well.

With a return to Vegas now planned for the end of the summer, I've been doing a lot of flashing back to previous visits.  Whether it was my friend getting propositioned on the street corner, the battle over free beads, or picking up wine and having it spilt all over the bed, I don't have any dull memories from hanging out on Fremont.  Here's hoping we add a few more gems to the list in a few months time. These shots are from 2010, but here are a few shots of the Fremont Street neon signs I shot in 2008.


Wendy said...

Looks awesome, Luke! If I ever find myself in Vegas, I'll make it a point to check it out in person.

Editing Luke said...

If we ever do a group road trip to California together, it would be the perfect opportunity to check it out :)

Wendy said...

Most definitely! I was hoping to do a road trip down to Indio next year (I'll have my license then, woohoo!) so perhaps then, or the year after.