Apr 19, 2012

Saamis Teepee

Billed as the World's Largest Teepee, the 215 ft. tall Saamis Teepee located just off of the Trans Canada Highway in Medicine Hat, Alberta is likely to get your attention when seeing it for the first time. You can't miss it, which is why it might actually be the determining factor if you're trying to remember whether you've ever been through Medicine Hat before.

As many know, the basic structure of the Teepee was originally built for the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympic Games. Following that, it was bought by Rick Filanti and then donated to the City of Medicine Hat. 
Construction on the site began in 1991 and the Saamis Teepee finally opened in May 1993. During construction the Teepee was given a far more substantial structure and foundation making it able to withstand extreme temperatures and winds of up to 150 mph. 

It's since become one of the Hat's most popular landmarks, and gives most other roadside attractions a run for their money.

I made the trip out to the monolith a few different times to build this photo set.  Even after seeing it countless times, it's still pretty incredible to stand directly underneath it and hear the wind blow through.  Culturally speaking, there are more eccentric roadside attractions out there, but I think we have Pinto beat.

The Teepee at the Calgary Winter Olympics in 1988.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful images! I love going here with my kids.