Oct 19, 2010

Give it Time in Yobi Film

This year I was awarded the 2nd place prize in Season 2 of the Yobi Filmmaking Contest with my short, The Geology Student. Season 3 began shortly after with a brand new set of rules, and a lengthier structure to get more filmmakers involved. Largely I hadn't been paying attention though because I didn't have a new short I wanted to campaign for.

In July the Gizmo Tree was voted into the preliminary semi-final round without my promotion or involvement, and now for the second time this year another one of my shorts, Give it Time has been voted into the contest without my help. It's taken an email both times to bring me back to the site to even check it out.

My stance hasn't changed since this happened the first time. I'm incredibly honored and flattered that people are checking out my projects and voting, but if I'm going to participate in Yobi Film again I'm going to wait until I have something new to share. I'm very proud of my previous work but many have already played a role in a contest, competition or film festival. I don't want to back-track at this point when I feel I can produce new work at an even higher standard (I just need the time to do it).

You can view my Yobi profile here. At the time of this post it hasn't been updated since I was participating in the Season 2 finals.

It's an interesting position to be in as the short could potentially be voted through without my control meaning that I wouldn't be able to compete with another film. I'm not really putting too much faith in that though, and mainly wanted to thank those who have been to Yobi Film to view my work and vote without me even knowing.

I plan on returning to Yobi, hopefully to compete in Season 3 with something new. Right now that's all up in the air. You can view Give it Time below.


Angry Charlie said...

Its nice to see some life still in these older films - outside of the usual nostalgia and once in a while view it's interesting to see how films (no matter how old) are always new to some peeople. Keep making classics, tho. I am looking very forward to seeing something new whenever it comes about - pecially if im involved ;-)

Editing Luke said...

It's always cool when good things are happening behind the scenes too. I often feel like I've got a handle on everything that I'm doing, but then something like this is an unexpected and pleasant surprise.

You never know, you could be involved in the next project Ty@@!!

Alex Chandler said...

I saw that one awhile back, nice seeing it again, the end still got me to laugh :D
It was and still is great work, though I definitely understand the desire to make a new better short film.
Good luck in season three, and it'll be interesting to see how far this one goes!


Editing Luke said...

Thanks Alex, I appreciate it!