Oct 27, 2010

Amazon Kindle Commercials

When it comes to creating a great advert you need something eye-catching. Amazon Kindle has successfully done this by incorporating some clever stop motion to emphasize the imaginative aspect of reading. I'm not sure they've convinced me that a book is better on a tablet, but at least I'm talking about it. Check out this cool series of adverts below.


Wendy said...

Very cool commercials indeed! If you haven't seen it, check out Coldplays music video for Strawberry Swing. It's done all in stop motion too.

I've never used a tablet, but I can and do read full books on my HTC Magic phone. I personally prefer it that way compared to reading a traditional hard-copy book. I have a library with me wherever I go and can therefore get more reading done than I would otherwise. Plus, reading easily in low lighting situations is neat.

Editing Luke said...

That's funny you mention Strawberry Swing as I almost posted it yesterday with these Ads and the other music video. It is not just stop motion, but it's also done with everything being animated laying down to create all these cool illusions of flying, etc.

It is another great video!