Oct 6, 2010

Popular This Week

Always trying to keep things on the up and up, if you were wondering what was trendy on Editing Luke now it's easy to see. I've added 'Popular This Week' to my sidebar, which allows me to showcase all-time popular posts, or what's been making waves over the last month or week.

For the sake of keeping things current I've opted to promote what's been popular over the last 7 days. You might also be surprised to hear that it's not just my most current posts in chronological order, it depends on what people have clicked and commented on. At the time of this post, my photo book and road trip posts are topping the chart which stands to reason given all the links I've shared.

I think this is just another cool feature from blogger and another great way to make surfing easier. I love being able to see at a glance what trends are emerging from searches, links, etc. Click around folks, and thanks again for keeping the experience interesting!

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