Oct 29, 2010

Inspired Singles: New Format

Over the last year I've written 10 issues for my Inspired Singles column here on Editing Luke. The series has actually been quite popular, but it's also a lengthier post for me to put together and I feel that a lot of the singles go overlooked because they aren't easy to search for.

Hence, it seems like a good time to change things.

From now on, Inspired Singles will feature a single track per post. This means less work, and as a result, more posts and singles in the long run. Singles will also be easier to find by title, and results from the Linkwithin widget should appear more diverse and descriptive - not just an issue number.

I know there have been quite a few clicks through to these columns when they go up so I just thought a bit of a heads up was due. If anything, you can look forward to a lot more Inspired Singles popping up very soon!

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