Oct 30, 2010

Inspired Singles: Science Fiction/Double Feature

Inspired Singles Issue 11: Science Fiction/Double Feature by Richard O'Brien

This staple of Halloween mixes is a lyrical history lesson cleverly showcasing some really crazy B movies. From
Flash Gordon to Forbidden Planet to Doctor X, there are a surprisingly large amount of character and plot references from projects not unlike Rocky Horror.

Science Fiction/Double Feature is the title track of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and has been made iconic not just because of its association with the movie and stage show, but because of Patricia Quinn's red lips. Now that's how you lip sync!

It's a tune that instan
tly reminds me of all those childhood Halloweens and the late nights after trick or treating. It's funny, it's weird, it's a classic.


Angry Charlie said...

Yeah, Rocky Horror Picture Show is alright... I prefer Rocky Horror Glee Show instead. I'm just upset they took that Rocky Horror Glee episode and made it into a cheesy 70's movie. Does nobody have respect for copyright anymore?!!!

Editing Luke said...

Just alright? The glee version was good, but they changed a lot of the lyrics to make it TV friendly. The original is camp at its best.

Not to mention that if you've ever been to a midnight screening of Rocky Horror where everyone has dressed up and performs all the actions - I've done this twice and seen the stage show - then there's no beating it!