Oct 12, 2010

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge

After leaving Alcatraz and the buzz around the waterfront, it was off to another one of San Francisco's legendary landmarks, the Golden Gate Bridge. It was one of those moments where we were just in awe. We claimed our brief, but epic road trip moment by grabbing a few snapshots and marveling at our incredible surroundings.

There was no escaping the prominence of the Golden Gate at the entrance of the bay. Driving across it with the roof down only emphasized the scale. That distinct rusty red color, strings of cable whipping passed us, and swarms of cars buzzing by made for an unforgettable scene. Here we were with the wind in our hair crossing one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world.


Angry Charlie said...

Very nice! Please, please, PLEASE tell me you were playing the Full House theme song as you crossed!!

Editing Luke said...

No, we saved the Full House talk for Alamo Park. That's where the famous Painted Ladies victorian houses are, and where they sat and had the picnic in the Full House opening, haha.

Stephanie Janke said...

It is definitely apparent that great minds think alike! In my final post about the San Francisco movie tour I will talk about the movies that have showcased the Golden Gate Bridge. I was lucky enough to see the Golden Gate Bridge from multiple perspectives. With the movie tour we were taken to Fort Point which is actually under the Golden Gate. I was able to climb up directly under the bridge which was very cool!