Apr 9, 2012

Hangout and Hungover

In a year quickly filling up with meet-ups, group trips, and reunions, it was fitting to visit with my old film school buddy, Tyler to coordinate some of our upcoming plans.  Tyler drove in from Regina after a whirlwind trip to Toronto to meet up with his 'friend' Kristine who he hadn't seen in person in years.  So, yeah, there was no delay in getting the conversation rolling.

A few beers in we then headed off to Local to continue the discussion.  Strangely enough we ran into my old friend Leah, who I went to high school with and who everyone expected to be in charge of organizing our 10 year high school reunion this year.  It sounds like things are going ahead with that too, and the chance meeting actually seemed fittingly on-point with the evening's theme of discussing our plans for the year. 

Tyler and I and few of our other friends are working on a trip to Vegas in September, I have trip with my family in July, and a few weddings to round out the summer (one of which is for Tyler's sister).  It should be simpler than it is to make a lot of this stuff work, but somehow there's always one more thing to consider.  Really though, it's a good kind of busy.

After getting back to my place I think we were both sufficiently sauced, but continued with a few Skype sessions with Kristine and then our friend Wendy back in Regina.  It was a lot of fun, and as is typical of a night where you can let yourself go a bit,  I recall a lengthy discussion with Wendy as I took a bath in my swimsuit . . . as you do.  Tyler meanwhile caught up on his sleep.

The next day we checked out American Reunion, another fitting reminder of our own reunions this year.  We added a few more green bottle beers to my collection, and we made our routine-middle-of-the-night trip to Hat News and Tobacco. The long weekend always goes by quickly, but it would seem there's going to be more than enough opportunities to create some great memories in the coming months.  So much for planning, I think it's time to start doing.


Wendy said...

LOL I loved this post. Skyping was fun, as it always is. It was great catching up with you and having some nice conversation, however strange it might have been. Looking at your photos and seeing plenty of Tyler with his face in his phone, I'd say you should become an official photographer of text message love.

Editing Luke said...

More text message love indeed, haha.