Apr 4, 2012

Good Night

Sleep rarely seems like a priority until first thing in the morning.  When I'm working and feeling productive, sleep isn't on my mind until I realize that I haven't left near enough time for it. So goes the circle of my routine.

When I moved into my new place in 2010 I upgraded everything in my bedroom to make it the perfect rest zone.  A new bed frame, mattress, lamps, alarm clock/sleep machine, and even 600 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets were all crossed off my wishlist.  And when I sleep, I sleep well.  Getting into my bed at a reasonable hour has still alluded me however.

Schedule is one thing.  Sometimes staying up late is the only way I find personal time to edit my own work, or blog, or just chill out.  Depending on what's going on between my jobs, sometimes I procrastinate just to trick myself into feeling balanced only to overwhelm myself later.

I've had this discussion many times in the past and what I've come to learn about myself is that I'm creative in spurts.  When the mood strikes me I can get a weeks worth of editing done over a weekend, but if it's constantly regulated and scheduled I freeze up.  It really is a dilemma for me to choose between getting more sleep or sacrificing what have almost always been the most productive hours of my day.  

And so I'm always left questioning how can I make this work?    

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Wendy said...

You and me both, buddy! Sleep is something I've always struggled with. Like you, my most creative and productive hours are late at night and into the early morning. I think the same is true for a lot of us creative-types.