Sep 23, 2012

V for Vegas

I shot this image in our well-worn hotel room at the Plaza in downtown Las Vegas a couple of years ago.  That was my fourth time in Vegas, and as this post goes live, I've got a day of traveling ahead of me to make the long awaited fifth visit a reality. 

Things didn't go quite as planned this time around as my friend Tyler bowed out from going only a week ago.  However, my to-do list hasn't shrunk, and I'm excited to experience Vegas like I never have before with my friends Mike and Erin seeing it all for the first time.  

This is going to be something special.  Gambling and drinking aside, I'm looking forward to taking a few photo excursions and making the most of such a visual place.  If you're at all curious what I might be posting about in October, chances are good that a lot of my material will be coming from here.  Now if you'll excuse me, I have some memories to make and a flight to catch.  

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