Sep 8, 2012

Kerr-Wallace House

Most notable for its distinctive bell shaped dome, the Kerr-Wallace house (also know as the Hewitt house) is a famous Medicine Hat residence located along 1st Street, or formally the Esplanade. Constructed in 1910, the home was built by the Kerr's, but later became home to Joe Hewitt and his family. Joe's daughter Mary, and Stewart Wallace then lived in the home until 1973.  

According to Tourism Medicine Hat, the house and terrace riverfront garden, once 
featured in Better Homes & Gardens, was renowned for stylish parties. Famous guests such as John David Eaton and Eaton’s sports rep Gordie Howe also visited the residence. The home sits in a very prominent location just on the edge of downtown.  

The famed Ewart-Duggan house is also on the same street.

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