Sep 5, 2012

Brick & Tile Factory Interior: Part 2

A continuation of my photo set from inside the Medicine Hat Brick and Tile Plant located in the historic clay district in Medicine Hat, Alberta.  


Wendy said...

There's always been something about factories that I've found incredibly fascinating. I've frequently thought it would be a lot of fun to work in one. Cool shots, Luke!

Editing Luke said...

I can't say I ever wanted to work in one, but I agree they have very cool aesthetic. There was so much in there that I could probably do a few rounds of photos and capture something I didn't see the last time.

Unknown said...

I worked there as an 18 year old about 20 years ago for a summer. Was not quite as eerie looking then. We were loading blocks onto the train cars you saw. The clay would get pressed out of that machine with all the wires. As the clay progressed the wires would turn and Cut the blocks. They would roll down the conveyor and we would pick them up and place them on the train cars. 8 hrs a day for the summer.