Sep 28, 2012

Kin Coulee Park

Located centrally in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Kin Coulee Park is an area with over 100 acres of open space, a toboggan hill in the winter, a ball diamond, volleyball and basketball courts, playgrounds, walking paths, fire pits and picnic tables, and a band shelter.  For years it also been home to the local Canada Day festivities every July 1.  

One of the defining features of the park is that it's nestled within the cliffs that make up most of the surrounding topography, making it feel rather secluded despite the fact that it's right in the city.  The Seven Persons Creek also winds through the park, adding to the scenery and creating a popular place for the local wildlife to hangout.

One of the most photographed parts of Kin Coulee Park, from an artistic perspective anyway, has to be the pedestrian tunnel underneath the Trans-Canada Highway.  Part of the creek runs through the tunnel, which not only makes it look unique, but sound unique also.  I've seen numerous photographers use this area for portraits, and I agree that it is a captivating backdrop.

In general, the fall makes for beautiful pictures.  The changing colors and textures seem to give everything a bit more depth and I like how it seems special because everything is fading.  Each day there's a bit less, the colors start to disappear, and before you know it it's winter.  In that way, you begin to appreciate that these otherwise common focal points will actually all look slightly different next year.  Best to enjoy it while you can.

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