Sep 21, 2012

Around the Queen City

I'm honestly a bit surprised that I didn't shoot more photos while I was going to film school in Regina, Saskatchewan (AKA the Queen City).  Given the success of my Around the Hat series and the discussions with Tourism Regina spurred on by this post, this last year has made me realize that mixing more photography into my portfolio is a great way to connect and build a following.  

I can actually see myself taking a trip to Regina specifically to shoot photos.  It would be nice to recapture many of the places that I built memories and make up for not shooting enough pictures to begin with.  Later days, I suppose.

This collection of images come from 2006 and 2007 from a variety of outings.  They were never more than snapshots, but I went to back to see what I could make from some of them.  Granted it's taken a few years of being away, but I'm falling in love with Regina all over again and it's clear to me now that there's a lot of potential in doing another project or photo series there.    

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