Sep 26, 2012

Standing Around

My feet have unwittingly become a standard cutaway during a lot of my photo shoots this year.  With a focus on capturing details, I liked the idea of showing that I was actually standing in these places and casually pulling myself into the scene.  After reviewing my sets I realized just how much I was doing this, and wanted to put together a collage of some of my favorites.  It's kind of a cool way of summing up my summer.

Here's the rundown on where each of these were shot and links to the photo sets:

1.  Concrete whale in Central Park.
2.  Vintage train cars at Medalta Potteries.
3.  Red Rock Coulee
4.  Horse Thief Canyon in the Canadian Badlands.
5.  Echo Dale Park Farm
6.  Echo Dale Park Beach
7.  Kicking Horse Pass, British Columbia.
8.  Downtown Regina, Saskatchewan.
9.  Walkway at the Ewart-Duggan house

10.  Grounds of St. Patrick's Church.
11.  Sidewalk at Towne Theatre.
12.  Train tracks at Hycroft Factory.
13.  Fire escape of the Dairy Building.
14.  Rosedale Suspension Bridge near Drumheller.
15.  Inside the Saskatchewan Legislative Building.
16.  Riverbank at Police Point Park.
17.  Bench in Riverside Park.
18.  With my siblings at our Grandma's funeral.
19.  Curb at Elm Street School.
20.  Red Rock Coulee
21.  Steps of St. Barnabas Church.

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