Jan 30, 2012

Salton Sea History Museum Closed?

About a week ago I was contacted by a man putting on an exhibition about the Salton Sea who wanted to know if I could provide scans of the vintage postcards that I'd shared on my blog.  I suggested that he could probably contact the Salton Sea museum, which Dave and I got a private tour of on our visit in 2010, and acquire the real ones for his exhibition as they are actually genuine postcards that were on sale in the Salton Sea Yacht Club in the sixties.

Sadly, he informed me that the museum had recently closed and was no longer there.  I was happy to send scans of my postcards, but was disappointed by the news.  In fact, a bit more research confirmed that the museum had been unable to secure a lease agreement with the Yacht Club.  

I'm still fascinated by how much has changed around the Salton Sea since my first visit in 2009, however the recent developments seem far from a surge of prosperity.  It was announced on the Museum's facebook page that they will be relocating to Mecca, CA and reopening on February 3, which is great for the sake of sharing the history, but it's not the Yacht Club. There were plans to relaunch the speed boat races also (like the ones they used to have in the sixties) but those plans have been postponed due to lack of sponsorship now.  

It's two steps forward and one step back at the Salton Sea.  

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