Jan 23, 2012

Best Oscar

Ten years ago for one of my final projects in Art 30 we were tasked with creating something out of clay.  Being the humble movie lover that I am, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to craft an Oscar for myself before leaving for film school in the fall.  This was the result.

The top half and base were created and fired in the kiln separately, and I spray painted the top half gold and rubbed the base down with shoe polish for a really deep black. The two pieces were then attached with super glue, and it's held up ever since.  For an art project that I had in my room in high school, in my various dorms, back in my parent's basement, and now in my own place, it's become a symbol of my successes in moving forward with my career.

I couldn't be more proud of this little art project, and it actually contributed to a real achievement at the time.  I received a scholarship from the Art program at Hat High for having the highest mark in the program that year - which was actually more of a reflection of my willingness to experiment with every medium they'd let me try I think.

In any case, the nominations for the Academy Awards come out tomorrow and I'll be ready to check out as many of the films as I can before the broadcast.  In the meantime I'm going to continue working at completing my faux E.G.O.T.  A few months ago I found a gramophone statue at Value Village that looks just like a Grammy.  Emmy and Tony here I come!   

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