Jan 11, 2012

Pinnacle DV Hub

One of the big problems with digital video is the rate at which it changes.  For all of the benefits that this has delivered, it's also meant that I've had to look at new ways of keeping older projects and footage archived and accessible.  I recently incorporated the Pinnacle DV hub into my setup, and so far it's been a great investment.

As an editor I'm constantly working with various formats between clients (and for my own videos) - from old VHS or D8 tapes, to Mini DV or DVDs, to HD content and everything else accessed over USB.  When I upgraded my computer in the fall I wasn't surprised that it didn't come with firewire ports, what surprised me was that no one seemed to carry firewire in store anymore.  You can still get them online of course, but this was just another clear sign that everything has gone to USB.   

In my continued search the Pinnacle hub than seemed like the perfect option.  Available on the Pinnacle website, the hub plugs in through USB and allows you to connect firewire (DV), S-Video, and RCA cables. It's also an attractive little piece of equipment that can sit right on your desktop, making it easy to connect your cameras.  The Pinnacle DV hub has been a useful accessory so far, and I'm happy that it's made uploading different formats simple.  

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