Jan 18, 2012

Flip Cam Wide Angle Lens

Last Christmas I got my Flip Cam and was excited about the opportunity to shoot more home videos with it.  I actually used the camera so much throughout the year that I began looking for ways to enhance it.  I'd come across several wide angle lens adapters on Amazon, and this Christmas I finally got one.

The Rokinon lens comes with several adhesive magnetic rings that you can easily attach to your Flip Cam.  The lens itself has a magnet in its base so attaching it is a breeze, and for any skeptics, the lens really does make a noticeable difference by increasing the field of view 0.45 times.  The connection also feels very secure so there's really no fear of the lens coming off unless you want it to.

As far as simple upgrades for your video equipment are concerned, this is by far one of the most affordable options available for what's already a very consumer-friendly camera.  Below I've posted a clip to give you a better idea of how the lens works and what the footage looks like.  Pick up one of these lenses for a bit of added versatility when capturing your next home video.

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