Jan 6, 2012

Roger Ebert Memoir and Autograph

Back in October my friend Tyler discovered that Roger Ebert's new memoir, Life Itself was selling online and that he was going to sign and personalize each copy purchased over the week from this one particular book store.  Having been a long time fan of watching Ebert and Roeper every Sunday night while in film school, I was easily convinced that it would be a cool souvenir and an interesting read.

Tyler hadn't been able to place his order in time, but I purchased it for him to give to him at Christmas.  What makes this notable however, is that Roger Ebert personalized Tyler's book with a nickname that I regularly call him.  It made the gift that much more unique (and hilarious) when he opened it and realized that Ebert had actually written "For Ty@@" (AKA Ty Tits) on the inside cover.  We naturally had a good laugh about it (but maybe Tyler was just crying on the inside). Anyway, the ridiculousness seemed absolutely appropriate for a friend with a strange taste in autographs (really Suzanne Somers?) and bad jokes. If you can find anything at Tyler's place that he hasn't signed it's worth a fortune. 

I've yet to read the memoir, but I hope to get just as much enjoyment out of what looks to be a really interesting collection of stories.  As someone who writes about himself on a regular basis, this should provide some welcome inspiration.          


Angry Charlie said...

Aaaaaaand it's gone! :) Thanks again for the book. It should make for some great memories in the future! Now though, you've just embarassed me enough to wonder why you haven't lead your dreams....

Editing Luke said...

So many things to choose from, and THIS is what embarrasses you? I don't believe it! haha.