Jan 13, 2012

A Burger With a Side of Optimism

Last night my friend Keith and I went for supper at Local, one of my favorite hangouts. The two of us were childhood friends who grew up on the same street and since our time out of university we've tried to meet up at least once a year to touch base.  It's always a kick to be reminded of just how much time has passed.  

It was fun to catch up and our conversation eventually drifted towards what life has been like back in Medicine Hat.  It's the kind of topic I love because I feel there's so much I still haven't resolved about it.  The fact that I'm  even here and able to edit for a living still surprises me, and for as much as I feel I've accomplished I'm still quick to admit that I haven't exactly put down my roots here yet.

I really do like it here.  I'm able to afford a great place, I have family here, I like my work, and yet it was never part of my plan to come back.  Funny how life takes you in different directions even when you've been so meticulous in constructing the path you thought you were on.  I'm happy, I'm just not content to be comfortable yet - even despite the great burger place just around the corner.

Meeting up with old friends is always a reminder that growing up is a slow process, and that for as much as we change we still manage to stay the same. While it's convenient to think that the right moment will eventually present itself and I'll pack up and move on to what I believe are bigger and better things, that's obviously not the way it works. At least I feel optimistic. I know I'll always want more, even when things are good. It's one thing that I can't seem to grow out of.


Angry Charlie said...

I had a burger with a side of optimism once. I only felt half full.

Editing Luke said...

That still sounds kind of pessimistic to me, Tyler.