Jun 17, 2011

Top Posts of 2008

In 2008 I said goodbye to film school, I welcomed my first editing job when I started at Stream Media, I started repaying my student debt, and I had my work screened at several international venues.  It was a year of major transitions.

Editing Luke started to gain a bit of traction as I became more focused on how I constructed my posts.  Perhaps more surprisingly, I continued to blog even though my time at film school had ended.  Over 20,000 people visited in 2008, and towards the end of the year I became more strategic as I planned out how I wanted my site to grow.  Here is what became my most popular posts of 2008: 

Originally posted May 14, 2008
Posts like this revealed the back story, notes, and context of some of my film school projects, which helped me develop the portfolio aspect of my site. A Chill in the Air was particularly popular because I had promoted it heavily in 2006 on a former blog, and created an email campaign to draw up votes for the video competition I was in.   

Originally posted June 28, 2008
When you've got good news to share the word gets around.  In this post I revealed that my work was going to be showcased at two different venues, one in the UK and one in the US.

Originally posted March 21, 2008 
Having made a career out of being a film student, this post was my declaration that I'd be leaving university without graduating.  This was a highly stressful time in my life as I'd spent 6 years in school, had a semester to go, but couldn't stomach the idea (or realistically afford) coming back after the summer.

Originally posted March 1, 2008
The campy series that I kicked off my blog with in 2007 had its final act in 2008.  I created a trailer for the original three episodes and actually convinced myself that it was worth making one more.  This was that announcement.

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