Jun 9, 2011

Local Restaurant Review - Medicine Hat

My favorite hangout spot in town is Local in downtown Medicine Hat.  From the incredible food to the ambiance, there really isn't any other place quite like it around here. 

The menu is concise, but well executed, and features pub favorites like, burgers, nachos, sandwiches, wings, etc. - with an upscale twist.  I'd personally recommend any of the burgers as there isn't a bad one in the bunch, but if forced to choose, you can't go wrong with The Classic with cheese and a side of yam fries (pictured below) YUM!  

As far as restaurant burgers go, the presentation here is spot on and the portions are generous.  I'm actually getting hungry just looking at that picture again.  Entrees range from around $10-$16.

Once the food has won you over you'll come to appreciate the location even more.  It's rare to find a patio in this city with much character or surrounding scenery.  With the bulk of the Hat's restaurants clustered along Dunmore road, the traffic hardly flatters those areas.  Local is different. 

The relaxed buzz of downtown foot traffic and the well maintained surroundings remind you that the design is unique to the building and area (it was repurposed from the former DeVine restaurant) and is far from just another prepackaged layout. For a franchise technically owned by Earl's, this actually does feel surprisingly original and local.

I live downtown as it is, but it's also nice to have an excuse to walk around and appreciate the character of the area.  There's plenty of parking along the side streets during the evening - midday is another story.

The interior is just as comfortable and features clever design cues from the location in Medicine Hat - notably, an aerial view of downtown wallpapered to an accent wall.  There's also a large central bar surrounded by raised tables and large booths around the perimeter.  Whether you're out for a meal or to sample a beer from their long list of selections, both imports and on tap, this is a place worth making the trip for.

Downtown has been undergoing a slow but steady transformation over the last few years.  With the revitalization of the Monarch Theatre, an additional floor added to my apartment building last summer, and the development of condos nearby, trendy places like Local are not only a welcome surprise, but are hopefully a sign of things to come.  Visit this place!


Alex Chandler said...

Great Review Luke! Of I'm ever up in Medicine Hat I know where to go for lunch :D
It's interesting that it is a franchise, cause it does seem to have that local rsteraunt theme... Very cool either way

Angry Charlie said...

Amigod! I love Local. Nice review on the spot. Makes me need to visit again very soon. Yum!

Wendy said...

As a major burger fan, I love restaurants like this. Although I've never been to Local, I want to go now!