Jun 16, 2011

Slices of Studenthood

I always wish there was more.  Whenever I browse through old pictures not only do I wish I would've taken more pictures at parties and events, but I wish I would've taken more obscure shots like these. The ones that were snapped between the bigger stuff. 

These slices of studenthood make me think about my time in College West at the University of Regina - how I lived off of the vending machine for a full week at the end of my first semester, how the common areas were always a mess, how I plastered my dorm walls with pictures, and how now it seems it all went by in a flash.  You can check out more of my snapshots and random observations by viewing my Dorm Life tag. 

1 comment :

Angry Charlie said...

I like this post. I too feel a definite fondness for your dorm room days, as well as your dorm rooms. My favorite memories from that time period center around the winter months when we would hang out at your place playing Mario Party or heading down to the TV room to watch Nanny 911 or Magic Bullet commercials. Although, the Oscars was a bust, haha.